Our services

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer you the following services:

Waste management

  • collection of waste / transportation / ADR transportation,
  • collection / recycling / neutralization of waste,
  • support in keeping an industrial waste register according to valid laws,
  • plan of selective collection of industrial waste on the plant site, including:
    • etermination / selection of appropriate codes for waste, according to the Waste Catalogue,
    • proper waste storage and labeling,
    • specification on how to protect and storage industrial waste;

Treatment of sewage / industrial waste

  • among others, recovery of waste emulsions, mixtures of water - oil, pH adjustment using waste,
  • processing of oiled post-grinding waste,
  • treatment of waste in the process of neutralization,
  • treatment of industrial sewage;

Cleaning and inspections of separators

  • cleaning and inspections of separators and neutralizers,
  • cleaning, declogging and current repair of sewage discharge devices;

Documentation and submissions

  • waste reporting,
  • the use of the environment reports,
  • reports to the KOBIZE database,
  • reports on packaging and packaging waste,
  • reports of electrical and electronic equipment / batteries and accumulators,
  • preparation of acoustic annoyance studies,
  • preparation of object noise propagation maps,
  • preparation of air pollution propagation studies for point, line and surface sources,
  • preparation of air pollution propagation maps and identification of hazard areas around emission sources,
  • preparation of waste management instructions for disposal sites,
  • preparation of environmental pollution/noise emission measurements,
  • preparation of waste chemical composition analyses,
  • preparation of opinions on research and studies by experts;

Environmental consulting

  • conducting on your behalf tasks connected to environment protection,
  • legal counseling in the field of environmental protection and legal assistance in emergency situations,
  • preparation of documents and request the office and inspectorates,
  • preparing applications to obtain waste permit,
  • preparing applications to obtain licenses for the introduction of pollutants into the air,
  • water use licence,
  • an integrated permit,
  • environmental reports,
  • constant monitoring of legislation;