We are bringing back colors to the world by collecting your waste

Environment protection is our top priority

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Industrial waste management

We take from you the burden of waste management, so you can concentrate on what's important for your business

Waste management

Collection and transportation as well as processing of industrial waste, / preparation of documentation regarding waste / transportation of ADR.

Wastewater / industrial waste treatment

Wastewater / industrial waste treatment in one of the most modern sewage treatment in Europe.

Repair, cleaning

Repairs and cleaning of separators and waste recovery equipment.

Documentation and submissions

Preparation of specialistic environmental documents / environmental reporting and analytics.

Environmental consulting

Professional legal counseling and environmental consulting for companies.

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Since 1991 we are at the forefront of companies in the environmental protection industry w Polsce.

Quality confirmation

We are certified in the Environmental Management System according to PN-EN ISO 14001:2005. See our policy.